The best Cameras for Vlogging in 2020

Johnson’s Ophthalmoscope is a scaled down version of my legit Johnson’s Proturescope.

As to the lenses in the four original i would have to say I am not sure if I would want to buy them again.

The one I did use at the time had to have the image folded into half because I borrowed it from a friend and just found out after my viewing that it was a scratch when I returned it to Johnson’s.

I prefer the 56 inch Macro lenses by Tony English that go up to 1680mm. He has some high end lenses with a very high price tag, but well worth it.

On that note, I could not for the life of me find any other lens that reached 1680mm.

I have found the only scope that can climb to that is probably an in house 2.5 inch Orion. They could make one with the Polygon memory ring assembly and mount it in the ‘dome’ configuration. It would be an interesting venture, but this is a separate item.

if I had to find one of my own to compare it with it would be the 56-inch Advanced BDC B32 12mm f/2.8.

I like buying a unit because it allows me to easily replace components if necessary. Good luck!

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[ Southern California trees by John Maloney/All rights reserved ]


I hate to be so geeky, but how do you measure the aperture of a camera? I’ve worked for a friend who owns a very expensive lens, he used to shoot with a Nikon SLR with a higher aperture but it had a f/0.5 lens which resulted in a huge underexposure, the glass slides to the right with the lens, does that effect how you measure the aperture on a lens?


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