Hi there, my name is Leo Korhonen.

I am a technophile, a gadget geek, and the creator of NautisKelijat.com. As a software developer, I’ve been part of the tech industry for nearly seven years now. My obsession with gadgets started in my childhood when my brother took me to a gizmo store near my house. I felt like James Bond, with an exhibit of mind-blowing gadgets at my disposal. And as I delve further into this world, I fall in love even more.

The secret behind the name

Though I have lived in Seattle for quite some time now, I am originally from a tiny city called Savonlinna in Finland. I spent my childhood in this city, exploring its ancient castles and museums. There was a Finnish phrase my grandfather used to tell me when I was a kid, “nautiskella elämästä täysillä” which basically translates to enjoy life to the fullest. This phrase is my inspiration to start the blog.

In Finnish, the word nautiskelijat is derived from the word nautiskella, which means to enjoy oneself. So, when I decided to start blogging, I did not have to worry about a name. Though it might sound weird to some, NautisKelijat was a natural match.

About the blog

You’ve decided that one of your gadgets is outdated and it’s finally time to replace it. But with the large volume of gadgets being launched every day, gadget shopping can quickly get overwhelming. Pick the wrong one, and you’re stuck with regret. That makes the choice even more important. NautisKelijat can definitely help you with that. The blog offers in-depth reviews of the latest products, while also keeping you updated on the biggest headlines in the technology world. Think of it as a convenient place to find your next buy, while also catching up on tech trends.

Are you ready to get your geek on?